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Eye Exams at Lansdowne Place Shopping Mall

Protect your vision with eye exams in Peterborough at Nelms Opticians. You can get your eyes checked and your prescription filled in one convenient location! We have experienced Independent Optometrists on-site to serve you. Eye exam appointments can usually be made within a week of your call. Walk-in patients are accommodated on most days but it’s always better to book your spot in advance as we strive to give each patient the best in personalized service. Evening and Saturday appointments are available, and new patients are always welcome!

Independent Optometrists Available On-Site

Independent Optometrists are professionals who examine the eyes for defects and faults of refraction. They are doctors who prescribe correctional lenses. If a prescription is required, one of our Opticians will read your prescription for visual correction and then order and dispense eyeglasses or contacts.

If a disease or condition of the eyes is detected and that requires treatment, we will refer you to local Ophthalmologists. Frequent eye exams are critical for the early detection and treatment of eye diseases.

Eye Exams

Visual Field Testing

Nelms Opticians also offers visual field testing to detect and diagnose abnormalities in your central, side (or peripheral) view. It’s often asked for on driving tests to make sure your field of vision is accurate. The field analyzer will print out a detailed copy of your visual field, which will be compared to future testing done between three and 12 months, depending upon your diagnosis.

Please call to make an appointment with one of our on-site  Peterborough Independent Optometrists.

The Nelms Opticians Vision Care Team

The Nelms Opticians vision care team includes Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists:

  • Opticians 

Opticians are eye health professionals who have completed training that allows them to supply, prepare and dispense optical appliances, implement prescriptions provided by Ophthalmologists and Optometrists, and provide fitting and adjustment services to properly adapt optical appliances for wear. In some Canadian locales, Opticians are also referred to as ophthalmic dispensers. Opticians in each province are under the jurisdiction of a regulatory body known as the College of Opticians.

  • Optometrists

An Optometrist is a certified eye health professional that has been trained to assess the state of the visual system, identify sensory and ocular motor disorders and dysfunctions of the eyes, and diagnose refractive disorders. Optometrists are allowed to prescribe and dispense corrective devices, such as eyeglasses and contact lenses. They are regulated by the Board of Examiners in Optometry.

  • Ophthalmologists

An Ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in eye and vision care. He/she is trained to diagnose and treat eyes diseases and provide eye exams, prescribe corrective lenses when required, perform surgery, and prescribe and administer medication. Ophthalmologists are regulated by a College of Physicians and Surgeons in their respective provinces.

Paying for Your Eye Exam

If you’re under 20 or over 65 and have a current Ontario Health Insurance card, your eye exam is covered yearly by this insurance. As these are the years that can have the most changes in sight, it’s highly recommended that you have this yearly exam. For ages 20-64, you’ll need to pay for your eye exam, which your benefit plan may cover. Most people in this age range have their eyes tested every two years. We also direct bill to most health care plans.

Should you experience any problems with your eyes at any time, don’t wait, but rather call us to see if investigation is required, and we can direct you to the appropriate person for help. For any emergency, please visit us or call to make an appointment.

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