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Contact Lens Fittings and Exams in Peterborough

In Canada, it is required by law for an Optician/Optometrist to complete a full eye assessment and measurement before dispensing contact lenses. We cannot just take what you’re already wearing and repeat it without this assessment. During your fitting period at Nelms Opticians in Peterborough, we’ll need a copy of your current RX. You’ll need to come into our office several times throughout a month/year to be properly evaluated.

Are Your Eyes Healthy Enough for Contacts?

Unlike the routine eye exam performed by an Optometrist, a contact lens exam determines if your eyes are healthy enough to wear contacts. The eyes (cornea, pupil and iris) are measured by our BOARD-CERTIFIED contact lens fitter, who’ll determine the curve, thickness and diameter that’s unique to you and your eyes. Your daily living activities will also be discussed (daily vs. monthly), so that you maintain your lifestyle and comfort.

Contact Lenses

What to Expect During Your Contacts Trial Period

The trial contact that the fitter has chosen is carefully fitted to your eye. Cleaning, storing and handling of the contacts and your eyes will be demonstrated, which may take up to an hour. You’ll not be able to leave until we’re sure that you can put in and take out the lens appropriately. You’re asked to leave for half an hour for the lenses to stabilize, and when you come back, you’ll be evaluated again for comfort, sight, etc.

You’ll then be able to leave with your new contacts. A week later (if you’re not experiencing any problems in between), you’ll be seen again to evaluate your comfort and sight again, and for us to take a look at your eyes to make sure they’re responding well to the contacts. After four weeks of wear, you’ll need to return so our Optician can determine your appropriate length of wear.

Contact Lens Care Tips

Here are some general tips for contact lens wearers

  Contacts must not be worn longer than 12 hours a day (to maintain a healthy cornea) and may require wetting drops for comfort.
 It’s advised that all contact wearers have a pair of glasses as well, so that they may be worn to give your eyes a rest or if a problem occurs.
 You’ll need an evaluation usually every six months by your contact lens fitter (or sooner if needed).
 Contacts are a prescribed product, not a cosmetic product. Do not over wear them and follow proper hygiene at all times. Here are some hygiene tips.
       Always wash your hands with a soap that is free of creams.
        Clean lenses daily by rubbing gently with a solution to remove any deposits.
       Replace your case every three months, but clean daily with the solution.
        Comply with your wearing schedule.
         Do not wear contacts in lakes, pools, hot tubs, etc. in order to avoid bacteria.
 Do not ever underestimate the importance of what you put in your eyes. If you open the monthly contact lens package today and wear it once, it still expires in a month even if you haven’t worn it again.

Questions About Contacts? Contact Us!

Have any questions about contact lenses in Peterborough? Contact Nelms Opticians today – we’d be more than happy to help determine if contacts are right for your needs, lifestyle and budget!

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